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Sometimes great design involves a little alchemy.

So here at Visualism, we’re always keen to find just the right mix of creative elements to engage your audience, communicate your message and inspire a great response.

Our work

There’s a lot we could say about our work… but you might just like to see it for yourself. These snapshots highlight all kinds of work we’ve done for some of our favourite organisations, big and small.

Our work

About Visualism

Creative Director Chris Scanlan draws on the talents and technical know-how of a close-knit team that’s right at home with all aspects of design, photography, illustration, copywriting and printing.


And whether you’re an artwork aficionado, a dabbler in design or entirely new to the creative process, you’ll find us a decidedly down-to-earth [and approachable] design agency that will always speak your language.  

Our clients


Drop us a line.

There’s nothing we enjoy more than exploring the kinds of ideas, options and approaches that would work best for you. Just ask us.

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